Anchoring Restraint Systems

Madico is a world leader in the development of window films and anchoring restraint systems designed to increase glass and window safety. Our efforts, over the last three decades, have led to the creation of the SafetyShield™ Safety & Security Systems. These systems consist of a Madico SafetyShield® window film working in concert with any one of three anchoring restraint systems; FrameGard, GullWing, WetGlaze, and LifeLine. The SafetyShield® Safety & Security Systems have been designed and tested to meet or surpass more government and international safety standards than any other products in the industry. Whether your threat is Bomb Blast, Natural Disasters or Intrusion, Madico has a system designed to address your needs. In order to insure the proper implementation of these systems, Madico has created a SafetyShield® Network of trained professionals that will evaluate your specific threat and offer the best possible solution.

SafetyShield® FrameGard™ System
FrameGard has been specifically engineered to keep the filmed glass within the frame during an event. The primary advantage of this system is during installation the film is wrapped behind the FrameGard, which is then attached to the window frame with screws. This system also utilizes a rubber gasket attached to the FrameGard, decreasing the shearing effect along the perimeter of the window. These are major advantages over the other systems. This system also allows engineers to precisely determine torque settings for each individual application, which can then be tested after the installation. Another advantage of this system is that it can be reused in most cases, where only the glass has been damaged.

SafetyShield® GullWing™ System
The principle of the GullWing System is to maintain the structure of the fragmented glass with the application of film and then to stabilize the glass within the window frame during the event. This is accomplished by attaching the filmed glass to the window frame with a reinforced polymer extrusion bonded to the frame and film with either a multi surface tape or structural silicone. The strength of this bond helps to hold the shattered glass within the window frame throughout the event dramatically decreasing the risk of injury from the shattered glass. The performance of this system lends itself for use in higher risk Blast or Hurricane applications.

SafetyShield® WetGlaze System
The SafetyShield® WetGlaze System utilizes Dow Corning 995 Structural Silicone to create a bond that connects the filmed glass to the existing window frame. During a natural or manmade disaster, the WetGlaze System is designed to maintain the structure of the shattered glass while the Dow Corning 995 reduces the shearing effect along the edges of the window frame.